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Enspiri FAQs
Q.Is Enspiri designed to work with personal healthcare triage, or just workers’ comp?
A.  Just workers’ comp. In theory, personal healthcare and workers’ compensation care may seem closely related, but in triage they are vastly different. For one thing, workers’ compensation is regulated by state law and each organization is required to follow the laws and policies in each state in which they operate. Those policies may be very different from one state to another. For this reason and others, a triage system based on personal healthcare simply cannot and should not be used for workers’ compensation triage. Enspiri Solutions is designed exclusively for workers’ compensation triage.
Q.Can I import data into Enspiri?
A.  Yes. Enspiri allows organizations to import data from virtually any source. If an import process does not currently exist for a particular data source, Enspiri will work with you to develop one.

Q.Can I export data from Enspiri?

A.  Yes. Enspiri recognizes the absolute need to send data to other systems, including claims or risk management systems, HR systems, and more. Enspiri has a large library of supported export files, but in the event a new format needs to be created, we will work with you to create an export format for your exact needs.

Q.  Does Enspiri support multiple locations within an organization?

A.  Yes. Enspiri allows organizations to enter/import/create as many organizations and locations as they need. There is no limit to the number of locations, and no limit to the “levels” of an organization’s hierarchy.

Q. Can I add (or delete) users at any time?

A.  Yes. Users may be added, modified, or deleted at any time. Be aware that adding and deleting users may impact the licensing fees of your organization.

Q.  Can I change which question (fields) my organization uses in the software?

A.  Yes. Enspiri gives organizations the ability to hide fields as they wish. Organizations may also set specific fields to be required, and/or to allow the answer to be an estimate. For example, most people don’t know the exact date they were hired. They can offer an approximate date, and the user can indicate the answer to be an estimate.

Q  How does Enspiri handle unique requirements that a particular organization might have?

A.  Enspiri is extremely flexible, allowing for organizations to configure the system in many ways, including:

  • Create Directives which allow organizations to warn, prompt, and/or direct Users on specific requirements throughout the system. For example, a Directive might be set to inform each injured worker that drug tests are required.
  • Configure Users with specific Roles and Permissions – allowing/restricting use of the specific features and modules within Enspiri.
  • Create Distribution Rules for sending data and/or reports to any third party.
  • Create a hierarchy which exactly duplicates the organization’s actual hierarchy, rather than require the organization to conform to a preset configuration.
  • Add/upload customized reports.
  • Add “tags” to locations and other points in the system for reporting and searching purposes.
  • Altar a facility, showing what services it provides, its hours of operation, and more.
  • Modify which fields are visible (see above).
  • Modify which fields are required (see above).
  • Configure fields to be estimates (see above).

Q.  Can I have custom reports in Enspiri?

A.  Yes. Enspiri allows organizations to add as many reports as they wish. Reports may be added at any level within the organization, and may be made visible at multiple (or all, or one) level.

Q.  What kind of technical support does Enspiri Solutions offer?

A.  Enspiri offers extremely high quality, high availability technical support. Each organization has an assigned support representative. This enables Enspiri to become familiar with an organization’s specific configuration and requirements. When necessary, our software developers are called upon to resolve issues. We pay a great deal of attention to offering our customers the very best technical support and services possible.

Q.  Does Enspiri Solutions offer other services besides the software?

A.  Yes. Enspiri enjoys a very close partnership with Company Nurse, the industry’s leading provider of workers’ compensation triage services. Through our partnership with Company Nurse, Enspiri offers access to Overflow, and/or After-Hours Nursing staff, as well as Call Initiator staff. We understand that some of our software clients will not be adequately staffed to equip and manage a call center for 24x7 service. Enspiri, through Company Nurse, gives those clients the ability to offer complete services 24 hours a day.

Additionally, Enspiri offers consulting services, and best practices advice for organizations entering the triage industry, or for those organizations wishing to improve the offerings they currently provide.

Other professional services are also offered, including data integration, custom software development, custom report creation, and more.

Q.  What type of medical algorithms (guidelines) does Enspiri utilize?

A.  Enspiri uses medical algorithms which were originally developed exclusively for Company Nurse. They have been, and continue to be, updated and enhanced over the past 18 years. Unlike some guidelines currently in use, Enspiri’s algorithms are uniquely and expressly designed for triage of workers’ compensation incidents.

Q.  Does Enspiri offer proximity searching by zip code?

A.  Yes. When an injured worker is directed to a medical facility, options are displayed based on proximity between the location of the incident and medical facilities in the area.

Q.  What other systems does Enspiri work with?

A.  Virtually all. Enspiri integrates with many other systems, including systems used by insurance carriers, TPAs, and self-insured entities. If Enspiri doesn’t currently integrate with a system your organization uses, we will work with you to develop the exact integration needed.

Q.  Can I use Enspiri as a “Front End” to my claims management system?

A.  Yes. Enspiri is an excellent solution for gathering information for the initial incident. The First Report of Injury for all 50 states can be generated by Enspiri, and the data can be imported into virtually any system.